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disaster recovery Services

Exodus Consulting was founded by Hugo Sandall in 2021 to provide a range of services for SME's. Our Exit planning services has given rise to additional specialist services to assist businesses and owners of material assets who have been affected by natural disasters and external financial challenges. In doing so our consultant negotiators can bridge the gap by assisting with insurance related issues to negotiated exit agreements for property and or business assets.

Real Estate Services

Exodus Consulting holds a Full Service Real Estate Licence and has legal capacity to engage in property transactions, business sales, commercial & industrial and rural land asset sales. Exodus has two additional qualified salespeople for special projects. 

Client Identity Verification

Halo AML is a sister company to Exodus Consulting and provides identity verification and Enhanced Due Diligence services for entities that require robust compliance for Anti-Money Laundering.

Licence Services

Real Estate businesses sometimes require the services of a licensed agent. Hugo provides his licence on a locum basis if a businesss requires a temporary licensee. 

Disaster Recovery

Exodus has a team of specialists who are available and equiped with a range of skills to assist a business owner or individuals either exit their business or property or to rebuild after a significant event, either a physical natural disaster or unforeseen financial circumstances. 

 Transaction Monitoring

Payment security is paramount in any situation where monies are transferred to a wide and diverse client base. In a world of expanding identity theft, secure and trusted account verification is essential for fund protection and the countering of money laundering.

Software for Businesses

The parent company of both Halo AML and Exodus Consulting is

#RealApp Systems which is primarily a software and workflow  systems developer. Currently developing the HaloAML app for client onboarding.

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