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Exodus Consulting has a depth of comprehensive capability, combined with deep industry knowledge to understand the challenges facing most SME's today. 

We are here to analyse, problem solve and deliver a range of solutions to grow your business enterprise, increase revenue, profit and the value multiplier.

We start at the top and work our way down and the journey is revealing, informative and highly productive.


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Dip Bus Studies (Massey)


Hugo has an unbridled passion for great business!


Profound, sure. Conceptualising, creating, designing and building a business is not that simple, but simply put, it is definitely not easy!


His passion began in 1986 as an early adaptor of technology and since then has built a software company and a compliance platform with a bespoke set of tools, IP and a growing client base.


Completing a Diploma of Business Studies through Massey University advanced his interest in business resilience and their ability to change and adapt in very challenging times.

In this journey the overwhelming discovery was that businesses are significantly under prepared for the unknown and this is what pushed Hugo to get a deeper understanding of the real situation.


“We are at a critical juncture, baby boomers looking to exit their business with no real plan or critical understanding as to how that process should be implemented” says Hugo, “furthermore, a significant majority of businesses offered for sale don’t actually sell, and if they do, it will be a very discounted result. The reason being, there’s never enough information available that is professionally structured and articulated in a way which establishes the financial integrity of the business”.


Hugo’s approach is solution based and goes through a process to establish the viability of a business and evaluate the profit leakage, plug the gaps, increase revenue, profit and ultimately the business value.

“This is where a business really shines”…. says Hugo, “when a business has a multiplier that is robust under scrutiny, the value, which is often the asking price, is then firmly established”.


Taking a business to peak performance might be a reflection on his passion for cycling.

“I think there are similarities” he says, “in a funny kind of way, you have to be at your best the majority of the time to be consistently good, business is the same. In cycling, to totally dominate you need a coach and very good support, again business is a mirrored reflection of this”.


“My position is very clear” he says, “that is, to connect with businesses that are in that plateau phase, to jump start them to the next level, prepare and groom them for sale and then work with the owner to find a buyer who is the right fit”.


“This is a journey but the rewards are phenomenal and there’s nothing more rewarding for a business owner than to get a decent payout after years of hard grind, which sadly, all too often doesn’t happen” says Hugo.


Hugo refers back to much knowledge and experience gained from business sales and reflects on the essentials for good exiting.


“Business owners are somewhat reluctant to discuss their business maybe due to various underlying insecurities which creates a fear barrier or reluctance to engage and this is counter productive” he says. “Businesses are all exposed to change and sometimes it is just a good relaxed chat to start the ball rolling. Getting an holistic overview with a coffee is where we start. This is not about selling a service, it is about the business owner recognising and understanding the necessity for such, and then making informed decisions.”

To put that in context he says “the expected ROI is between $5 - $10 for every dollar invested in the initiative so it becomes compelling logic in many ways”.


Hugo is a strong believer in demonstrating and as such offers three hours of free consultation to give a business owner the opportunity to dip a toe in the water so to speak.


“This has often been referred to as the most timely business meeting an owner has ever had” he says. It is a game changer for a business owner as the diagnostics will evidence the shortfalls of the business and how to change that by becoming as he calls it a “business success partner”.

"It is a specialist and technical process which we deliver to achieve measurable long term benefits for the business owner, their family, staff, employees and stakeholders. Transformational is a word that comes to mind and “stage wins” are part of the bigger picture. Yes, cycling is a reference point again, but being “race fit” or in the commercial sense,  “sale ready” is paramount and not to be underestimated”.


Hugo’s fundamental vision for Exodus is to be open, transparent, collaborative, accessible and authentic, in doing so delivering the best outcomes for the clients of Exodus.

Hugo holds a full Real Estate Agents Licence which enables him to transact business sales in alignment with the regulations prescribed by the Real Estate Authority.


Hugo welcomes the opportunity to discuss your situation and explore options to assist you and your enterprise onto the winners podium.

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To assist business owners make the best decisions at the best possible time, to enhance their business and enrich the outcomes, financially and emotionally.

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