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Our Services: Projects
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We learn about our client’s business to get a wide vision of the business and the challenges that are presented.


It is no surprise that virtually all businesses are facing issues that were never envisioned prior to the Covid pandemic and we are very good listeners.


We like to understand the wider picture and get to know you, the business owner and to see what and where we can apply our range of talent and skills.


In our Diagnostic meeting we will work through a series of questions which are entered into our software which in turn provides an analysis of the business and identify where profit leakage is occurring and where operational inefficiencies prevail. 

Our Diagnostic meeting usually takes an hour and forms the basis for the next meeting, the solution proposal.



From the Diagnostic analysis we move to the Solution Proposal meeting (again FREE) where we have a documented plan identifying challenges, hurdles, issues and barriers identified from the Diagnostic and the solution process looking forward.

The proposal tales the shape of a "metaphorical" partnership who jointly recognise the challenges and issues and are committed to a plan to initiate change and improve the financial wellbeing of the business and those that work in the business. 


This is where the rubber meets the road! 


  • Business planning.

  • Strategic planning.

  • Performance measurement tools.

  • Financial planning.

  • Training.

  • Culture.

  • Governance.

  • Business sale grooming.

  • Exit planning.

  • Business Sales

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