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Getting the best from your meeting.

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Time is precious, actually very precious.

Not only precious, but time is also money and where we choose to spend that time and how, is always open to debate.

An Exodus consultant is one who is very mindful of time and will make sure that the allocated time is well utilised and focussing on the most productive areas in that session.

In some respects it is no different to having "paid" time with a sports coach or professional advisor, however the things that make it a very valuable experience is that the meetings with Exodus are well planned prior and structured which speak directly to the issues that we are looking to find solutions to.

Ensure you are well prepared for your scheduled meeting by doing some light exercise prior, get hydrated and comfortable with the plan schedule and task sheet on your screen or printed out for reference.

Highlighters, writing instruments and a strong WiFi connection are all tools for the job. Make sure the WiFi is pre tested so there are no glitches. Little tech failures can soak up time which is unproductive!

Make sure your laptop is either plugged in or fully charged and you have the tabs open on your screen to reference the information that is being discussed or reviewed.

Have water available for drinking as this helps the brain function enormously, wear comfortable clothing and get relaxed so you can engage and communicate in a positive and productive way.

Exodus consultants are "communicators" and encourage robust discussion on matters of concern but are understanding, empathetic and problem solvers, so feel that if there's something that needs to be put on the table we love to hear about that!

We don't judge, compare, criticise or complain - we are here to listen and help.

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