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SME Business Transformation


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Exodus provides wealth creation and exit planning services for small to medium enterprise businesses (SMEs) in New Zealand. We bring to the table our passion, skill and initiative to get you and your business to a better place.


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3 key ways we can help your business


We improve the growth, profit and value of your business with a range of planning and analytical services and tools.


Our flexible processes are designed for SMEs and can be customised for niche companies.


All businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. We help you stay relevant in a changing marketplace.

Why engage us as your SME business consultants?

  • 90% of businesses do not have a professionally prepared business plan.

  • 90% of businesses are undersold (if they get to sell!).

  • 80% of businesses started today will not be in existence in 10 years.

  • Virtually all information memorandums fail to document the financial performance of a business that is robust under scrutiny.

  • Businesses need to get "sale-ready" in case of unforeseen health-related or economic hardship.

What we offer as SME business consultants

Exodus Consulting offers small to medium enterprise businesses the opportunity to increase revenue, profit and value through a collaborative and consultative process.


We can provide you with a documented pathway that articulates the real value of your business. This contributes to the formation of an exit strategy, which provides you with more options should you need to sell your business. The vast majority of businesses offered for sale fail to sell, and if they do, it will be for substantially less than what they should sell for, due to lack of evidence substantiating the asking price.

Engage us as your trusted advisor. 
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